Friday, November 14, 2008

Winter Clothes

There are two things at the top of my gratitude list: "Texas" Winter Weather and baby clothes. I love when the weather first starts to change and you bust out all your children's winter clothes only for the high to climb to 75 and your son to be drenched in sweat. Well, I think the colder weather is finally here to stay and I'm loving it. So I made a trip out to Old Navy this evening with my 30% of coupon and couldn't help myself when I saw these adorable clothes.

Would you be able to resist?


Amy said...

oh my, I think I might be making a trip to Old Navy today. :) I never looked at baby clothes until we found out we were having a it's getting ridiculous. Our baby is going to have more clothes than me!

Loni said...

SO FUN!!!!!!! I may have to get some of those for my girls!! I love them.. welcome to the expensive world of having girls, it is SOOO fun to shop for them!!!

Jen Demaris said...

love them! they are so cute!!! i need it!

Tina said...

Love it, Love it!!
Now I can't wait to see the adorable little girl that will go inside them!! I also can't wait for your shower tomorrow to see all the fun things she will get!!