Thursday, January 10, 2008

It's Official!!!!

Devin is WALKING! After teasing us over Christmas break, he has decided to pick it back up and is now everywhere. He started 2 days ago, on the 8th, so he wasn't officially 14 months yet! (He turned 14 months on the 9th). Does that mean I can say he started walking at 13 months? :) just kidding. It wasn't until this evening that he really started doing it without occasionally using furniture for support. It's just bad news when he falls, because he is not capable of getting back up again...but we'll work on that! Here is a video of him traversing the largest area of our tiny apartment!!! Yay Devin!

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Welcome to this Crazy World

On Thursday morning my mom's 4th grandchild and 4th grandson was born!!! (Apparently her son-in-laws are incapable of producing girls). His name is Bryce James Johansen and he is ADORABLE! Kristi is besides herself with joy (RIGHT KRIS?!?! ;-}). He weighed in at 8lbs 6oz and measured 21 inches long. I just have to post a video instead of a picture because he makes this cute humming/whistling sound all the time. The nurses say it's because he has fluid in his lungs and he's trying to get it out. However, Kristi believes it's because he is used to a large amount of noise (what with two loud brothers and not so quiet-spoken parents) and it's just too quite in the real world so he has to create his own noise in order to sleep. I'm personally partial to the latter explanation. Here he is...Congrats Kristi, you got a keeper!!!

Friday, January 4, 2008

Christmas in California

I know I'm a little late here, but I've been a busy girl!!! We just got back in town and I switched over my blog (so update your links!) and now I'm ready to update you on these past few weeks. Because of the lack of pictures, I'm going to skip over Brandon & Jess' wedding and move on to Christmas. (Wedding update is yet to come).

This Christmas was a little crazy. Jamin, Devin, and I celebrated Christmas on Sunday the 23rd because we were flying out for California early on Christmas Eve. It didn't quite feel right, but I still managed to get some cute pictures of Devin. He really liked opening up his presents...he just cared more for the wrapping than what was inside. (Do you like my super dead Christmas tree in the background???) We woke up early the next morning and flew to California. That's where Jamin's mom lives and his 3 youngest siblings. The other two flew out for Christmas as well so it was a HUGE family reunion and TONS of fun. Jacob (his youngest brother) had received his mission call in the mail and was waiting for everyone to get there before he opened it. So on Christmas Day after we picked up Jamin's sister from the airport and before we dropped off his brother's wife ( I confusing you yet?) for her flight, Jacob read his mission call in the airport. Tacoma, Washington! YAY JACOB!!!! We are super excited for him and know he will be an EXCELLENT missionary. Here is a picture of the whole gang during the 2 hours we spent together.

Most everyone, except Jamin's mom and Ed, got to meet Devin for the first time. He got to play with his cousin Austyn who happens to be the cutest, mildest, and best behaved little girl on the planet. She is 2, twice his age, and Devin is the same size. In fact, I'd be willing to bet he's bigger. Austyn had fun making Devin laugh and giving him kisses. We HAD to do the bath scene and it was a blast. Not only did they take great pictures (what is more important), but Devin had a first! He pulled himself up in to a standing position without my help! In the bathtub...where there is water...and it's slippery. That boy does everything backwards. But anyway...I know that was a milestone he was supposed to hit 5 months ago, but I'm still excited.

Aren't they adorable?!?! She was giving him a kiss in this picture! He wasn't too happy about it afterwards though. He is such a boy! The last day before we left we took a trip to the Children's Museum in Stockton. That is the coolest place ever. I've got to look up Dallas' Children's Museum...they are bound to have one. But this place had all kinds of educational stations for kids to learn and other cool places to play. We took a picture of the whole family in a bus. It was pretty comical.

Later that night Devin had another first. HE STARTED WALKING!!!! He would take off and walk across the room, turn around come back, completely controlled. I was so excited that I text my entire family to share the good news. Then the next morning, the kid wouldn't even stand up! He decided he didn't want to walk anymore and refused to use his legs. Even now, a week later, he won't really walk. Every once in a while he will walk across the room, but he mostly scales the walls like Spiderman and chickens out when he thinks about going on his own. So it's back to waiting. Argh...

A New Blog

With the new year upon us, I decided to cut back on unecessary of which being our family URL, I chose to stop paying a monthly hosting fee and go with the free, though less customizable, blog. So here we are!! Everyone that is charitable enough to link to us from their blogs, you can change the link to I'll be posting an update on the wedding, Christmas, and California shortly!