Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Happy {Belated} Birthday Devin!

Devin had his 2nd Birthday on the 9th of November. I can't believe he's two already. Here are a few pictures from his birthday party:

The birthday boy got to eat TWO cupcakes.
(Or I should say got to lick the frosting off of two cupcakes)

There were plenty of children there who were willing to open Devin's presents for him.
Devin was moving WAY too slowly for them.

Almost everything was either Cars or Trains. If it has wheels, Devin's all for it.

Devin's most favorite thing on the planet...GeoTrax Trains. He was in train heaven.

A few fun facts about Devin at TWO years old:

  • He loves to lay in his big boy bed and stare at the stars on his ceiling. He sings {and yes he actually sings} twinkle twinkle little star with us every night.
  • He's not always a morning person and has been known to shriek at the first person to look at him.
  • He simply cannot live without the two loves of his life, Cole and Bryce. Cole is his best friend who he gets to run around with and fight over toys with. Bryce is his sweet baby cousin bryce who he can't stop kissing and who Devin will cry over if it's been too long since he's seen him.
  • Devin has established a "potty room"...a place he will sneak off to once a day to go "poopoo". He will come back and tell me when the deed is done by smacking his diaper only to say NO when I ask him if he went poopoo. {He has also been known to stick his hand down his diaper afterwards... disgusting, I know.}
  • He loves to sing and dance around and is actually getting good at singing on tune.
  • He learns new words every day. Some of my favorites are "cool", "awesome", and "let go" which is always an angry command when I'm trying to get him to cooperate.
  • When he's feeling extra full of love he will grab your face with both hands, pull you in whatever direction necessary, and plant one on you. It almost makes me cry every time.
  • He loves his daddy more than anything on this planet. He copies him whenever possible by laying down next to him or sitting just like him. He dislocates dad's finger every night by dragging him around to show him different things. He spontaneously climbs into his lap when convenient and laughs the hardest when dad tickles him.

Devin really has turned out to be a sweet funny boy. He certainly knows how to throw a fit and can be downright mean when he wants to be. But the next minute he can be so sweet or completely hilarious. I think some people call that Bi-Polar...but I'm not gonna stress about it. :)

Happy Birthday Devin! We LOVE you!


Amanda said...

We love Devin too and Cole might just be lost without him! We had a great time at his party- such a sweet boy.

Heather said...

Happy 2nd Devin!!! Such cute things about him April!

Amy said...

Such a fun age! I love that he pulls your face in to give kisses. That's adorable--he'll be such a good big brother.

Loni said...

I really can't believe it has been two years since I have seen you guys!!! I love watching Devin grow up via the blog, he is too cute! Hope we can see you guys soon!

Nicole said...

I am WAAAY behind on your blog. I thought you were in my reader, but you weren' all this time I just thought you weren't updating. So much to catch up on. But Happy Birthday Deven, a month late!
He is such a cutie and sounds like tons of fun!