Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Rats or Squirrels?

As it turns out, our attic (the one with the rattling tin door) has become home to a family of squirrels. I guess it's comforting to know our upstairs neighbors aren't rats, but seeing as how they both belong to the family of rodents, I don't know how relieved I am. What it comes down to is they both have claws and they both scratch against the walls. Cute or not, the squirrels have to go.

This is the light right outside our bedroom window. As we discovered yesterday, the silver mounting piece has become separated from the brick wall and the squirrels go in and out via the hobit-hole opening behind. And yes, there are squirrels plural. This is the mom and she has at least two little babies that I've seen. Precious, I know, but annoying none the less.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Tag...I'm It!

Oh boy oh boy! I love being tagged (minimal amounts of sarcasm). I get to discuss all the interesting things about me...who knows, maybe I'll even discover what those are. Here we go:

MY FAVORITE THINGS around the house

My favorite thing in the kitchen is... My ultra vintage florescent light fixture. It finally died out on us a few weeks ago so when the maintenance man announced he would have to replace it, I actually got my hopes up...no more flickering eyesore! But in he walked with A BRAND NEW florescent light fixture...I didn't even know they sold those anymore!?!?!

My favorite thing in the bathroom is... uhhh...running water...a toilet that flushes. That is a comprehensive list of the perks of my beautiful bathroom.

My favorite thing in the bedroom is... most definitely our tempurpedic matress topper. Ahh...who sleeps on a regular old mattress anymore. It's like falling asleep on a cloud of marshmallows!

My favorite thing in the living room is... my one of a kind, completely original, painting that hangs just above our couch. My incredibly talented husband Jamin painted this for me and I absolutely love it!

My favorite thing in the bedroom closet is... oooh oooh...it's gotta be the tin trap door to the attic that rattles every time the wind howls. Or wait...maybe it's the rats, or possibly even squirrels, that scratch and scratch just when you're falling asleep. It's just your everyday closet. :)

My favorite thing in the pantry is... definitely our pantry door. It's the 8th World Wonder. At only 11 and 3/4 inches wide and 80 inches high, it's the perfect hiding place for children seeing as how most adults coudn't even fit through the opening!

My favorite thing in the "office" is... Office??? If the nook in my bedroom's bay window where my desk and computer resides counts as an office, I would have to say the fan sitting on top of my printer. You see, at only a foot away, it not only helps cool me as I sleep in my cozy bed at night, but it also provides the white noise that I have come to depend upon for a good night's sleep.

My favorite thing in the baby's room is... my baby, of course! He is fast asleep in his crib right now giving his mom the necessary time required to complete this fascinating survey!

Now let's spread the joy: I tag KRISTI, JESS, MOLLY, JACKIE, and HEATHER.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

A Trip to the Dallas Arboretum

We had such a great time today! Wait...this sounds vaguely familiar. Oh Yeah!!! That's cuz it's exactly how Amanda titled and started her post today. Aghhh...of course Amanda beat me to the post about the Arboretum...but it's all good. Now I don't have to explain what it was and who went. If you want details, read Amanda's blog. :) Here are some GORGEOUS pictures for everyone's enjoyment.

This is the entrance to the Arboretum. Isn't it beautiful?

Devin was so excited to be outside surrounded by flowers within his finger-plucking reach that he even posed for a few pictures for me!

Just my son being cute. :)

Not so cute. He was insanely angry because Cole was ganking his strawberries. Geez Cole...it's not like Devin had an entire bowl full or anything.

The amazingly bright azaleas...or so my mother informed me. I don't know what they are, nor do I have a square inch of soil that belongs to me, but I want some.

This is for you Amanda...what were you doing? (JK...this was my fault)