Monday, March 24, 2008

Another Easter Post

I assume pretty much everyone is posting about their Easter weekend. Though I'm sure you are tired of hearing all about other people's kids getting excited over a bunch of eggs, I would feel like a failure as a mother if I didn't post some completely original photos.

We participated in a grand total of three easter egg hunts this year. We decided to skip the dying easter eggs tradition considering Devin would most likely drink the copious amounts of colored vinegar and throw the eggs all over the house. Who knows just how toxic easter egg dye really is; plus you combine that with the wax crayons, glitter, stickers, and plastic egg wrappers and it makes for one terrifying digestive nightmare.

This was Devin's first Easter Egg hunt. We had to quarantine a small three yard radius of soccer field in order to give Devin enough time to pick up a few eggs. I think this was egg #3 and as you can see, all the other hunters have left the field already.

Devin's Easter basket

This is what happens when Devin goes on one too many Easter Egg hunts. By the last one (located in my grandparent's backyard) he was a little too fearless and assured of his egg hunting powers. That battle wound is a constant reminder of his limitations and what happens when you lose sight of your humility (your forehead smacks the pavement...duh).

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The Prodigal Camera Cord Returns

Ok, so maybe Prodigal isn't the right word, but regardless, my camera cord and I have finally been reunited. What a sweet reunion. I've decided against a post containing random images (images that would require short stories) from the past two months. Instead, I'll post this video of Jamin and Devin. In the video, Jamin had just gotten home from work. Devin decided he wanted to cuddle with Jamin on the couch and tell him all about his day. Of course I didn't think about the camera until he was almost done with his conversation, but it's still a pretty good representation. Enjoy!!!