Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Mean Words

Twice today while Devin was unhappy about being in trouble he said to me,

"I don't like you anymore mommy."

What?!? He's 3. Isn't that sentence like 10 years too early?

Friday, April 23, 2010

More Family Photos

The wonderful Madison Eppley took photos of our entire family this week.  I'm loving what she does.  You should check out her blog.  She did a photo session of these adorable little puppies.  So cute.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

The {Almost} Easter Egg Hunt

On Saturday our lovely little community put on an Easter Festival.  Devin was pumped.  The Easter bunny was going to be there, there would be games and food, a petting zoo, but most exciting of all, an easter egg hunt.  Oh man.  Devin was sketching out plans, thinking up ways that would allow him to collect the most orange eggs.  We get there and off he goes.

Like he owns the place.  Then Jaycie runs around (she actually does own the place) looking adorable as ever.

We play on the playground, we check out the animals, but they aren't ready for the easter egg hunt yet.  Impatience is starting to set in.  Oh but wait, bounce house to the rescue.

And then it's Devin to the rescue as he flies about the bounce house.  And then it's Mommy to the rescue as he flies OUT of the bounce house.  And yep, you guessed it.  Another broken arm.  As we were rushing him to the car, the Easter Egg hunt started.  Darn, maybe next year.

His temporary cast and impossible-to-keep-on sling.  Why do they even bother?

After we picked out this totally awesome glow in the dark cast, he says, "Mom, next time I'll get orange."  Seriously? Are you planning on a next time?  Maybe I should.  It might be wise to set aside some money each month for Devin's next break.  Dave Ramsey would be proud.