Thursday, January 21, 2010

Sex Preferences

Haha...did I freak everyone out with that title?  This is not a dirty post.  I am completely amazed that kids are born with preferences to toys according to their sex.  At least mine are.  With Devin I always assumed he loved balls and any vehicle on wheels because that is simply what we chose to buy for him.  But then I remember that he had approximately 15 stuffed monkeys in his room and there were repeated attempts to get him interested in them.  But no.  Nothing.  Then Jaycie came along and she has a clear preference to everything girly.  She loves books and will walk around with a doll or stuffed animal snuggled against her face for 75% of the day.  Sure she likes to play with the occasional ball or car, but her love is for her dolls.  Is it genetic?

Devin's preference: anything with wheels, but mainly airplanes.  I know...slightly OCD with the line thing.

Then there's Jaycie.  100% girl.  How does that happen?


Jenna said...

I have always thought this!! That it must be genetic because the same thing is true with our kids. Clare had her very first play date with a girl this week and it was pink and babies everywhere! Not a sword, gun or Bakugan in sight!

Amanda said...

I have yet to experience this. And it might be a while... I'll just take your word for it. :)

Some great pictures though of your cuties. Had fun today- thanks!

The Johansen Family said...

So cute...wouldn't know we only play with boy toys here...I guess thats a good sign. You changed out her earings, love them. Does her doll still work or did you take the batteries out a while ago?


I'm kind of grateful because when I see Jacob playing dolls with Cloey I'm pleasantly surprised when he throws them down the stairs. I'm glad when Cloey plays cars though too. It's fun to see them play with each other and yet have their own preferences of what they like. Super cute pictures. You have a talent!!