Saturday, January 16, 2010

Tag Your It

This is the tenth photo on my computer (see below) and it's not very exciting.  We went to the park one day in our neighborhood and Devin runs off as usual.  I'm messing with Jaycie so it's probably a good five or ten minutes before I realize he is talking to someone.  So I look up and don't see anyone.  Then I see this horse in his hands and found his new friend.  He was talking to the horse.  A horse I've never seen before.  A horse that was laying in the mud probably overnight.  Gross.  I told him that wasn't ours, it was dirty, and to get rid of it.  So he puts it up on the fence, yells "see ya later", and throws it from the top of the playground to it's immediate and most likely painful death.  Sorry Friend.

Tag your it.

Here's what you do:
Go to your picture file and open the first folder and pick out the tenth photo. If your folder doesn't have ten pictures in it, because the first one I opened did not, then open the second one.
Write about that photo and tag some friends.


Have Fun!