Tuesday, April 1, 2008

A Trip to the Dallas Arboretum

We had such a great time today! Wait...this sounds vaguely familiar. Oh Yeah!!! That's cuz it's exactly how Amanda titled and started her post today. Aghhh...of course Amanda beat me to the post about the Arboretum...but it's all good. Now I don't have to explain what it was and who went. If you want details, read Amanda's blog. :) Here are some GORGEOUS pictures for everyone's enjoyment.

This is the entrance to the Arboretum. Isn't it beautiful?

Devin was so excited to be outside surrounded by flowers within his finger-plucking reach that he even posed for a few pictures for me!

Just my son being cute. :)

Not so cute. He was insanely angry because Cole was ganking his strawberries. Geez Cole...it's not like Devin had an entire bowl full or anything.

The amazingly bright azaleas...or so my mother informed me. I don't know what they are, nor do I have a square inch of soil that belongs to me, but I want some.

This is for you Amanda...what were you doing? (JK...this was my fault)


Amy said...

These are a great addition to Amanda's post--you should just have a blog together. And thanks for putting up a cute pic of Amanda! So much fun..for the kids and the moms, right?! :)

Nicole said...

I am so jealous you guys get to hang out and have fun whenever you want!!!! I LOVE all the gorgeous pics. The pic of Devin on the bench is so cute!!! And of course, I always LOVE To see pics of Cole. :) And thank you for posting one of Amanda...she never happens to put herself on her blog...coincidence? haha
Looks like a blast...wish i were there!!!!
and ps at least there was NO SNOW...it snowed all day sunday. What's with this?!

Amanda said...

So the picture of the 3 of them really cracks me up! And I DO NOT like the pic of me- so thanks. I look so incredibly happy. :)

The Johansen Family said...

Hey this looks like it was a lot of fun. You guys should take a trip to the Dallas World Aquarium, that is what it is called, I tried to pull it up on the web and it kept giving me the zoo. But the next time you guys go out you should go there. the kids would love it and you can take your time walking around. But it doesn't take so long that the little guys will get bored. Plus I think that they are still small enough you wouldn't have to pay for them. Promise me you'll go.
Love yah
IT's off griffin st

Kris said...

Apes, your son is just adorable and the spitting image of his dad! I think he has Jamin's smile but I can see some Brandon and Cory in there too! =)
He is adorable and I love his cute little face in the strawberry pic.
I miss you guys! I feel like he's going to be in college soon and I missed the whole thing! =)
Give Jamin and Devin a big hug for me!

R&KWestergard Family said...

Cute little boy April! Do you have email or a face book account or anything? I've been wanting to find you for a while! Good to finally see you are alive! Kristal gave me this link. I just joined face book. I miss you!!! :)

R&KWestergard Family said...

Ok Wow! After finding that I could leave you a comment here on your blog I realized maybe I had comments on mine! And I found yours from forever ago! Sorry I'm so inept with computer stuff - I had no idea you already found me! :)

Heather said...

Oh My goodness....why did I never hear about this place when I lived in Dallas? We are just beginning to see the first flowers coming out in Utah...nothing like the blooming stuff in Texas.I am so glad you went and the pics are great. I also love the bench shot of Devin. Hope you all are well!

Jen Demaris said...

I wish we had a little bit of that nice weather over here, its like the middle of winter still! gross! love the pics! im visiting soon and cant wait!

Mom said...

How can it be true - - he's walking. Man, time is relentless!! He's adorable. I know you are enjoying him to pieces.
We love and miss you.
Aunt Debbie

Julie Jan said...

First off sorry that I don't really blog much anymore. And second, OMG! Devin is so tall. He is so cute!! How tall is he now? Is it too early to start him in basketball camp? He would drown the twins. Ahhh! I miss you guys!