Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Independence Day

The weekend came really fast and we were joined in Arizona by Jamin's other siblings Jessica, Janae, and Jenna. Jessica brought her daughter Austyn with her and Devin FELL IN LOVE. That may be kind of gross because they are first cousins, but you can't help feelings so powerful! :)

The night after they got here Devin was saying his prayers and this is how it went, "Thank you for Austyn, thank you for playing with Austyn, thank you for Austyn, thank you for Jesus, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen." It was so adorable.

The fourth was filled with swimming, kites, cards, lots of sweat, and an incredible firework show. It was the perfect holiday.


Amy said...

Ok, so you really are getting so good at taking amazing pics. I love Devin's cousin-crush and Jaycie's little bikini!

The Johansen Family said...

That's a good looking family he has got there.

Jared Austin said...

I LOVE the fireworks picture!!! That is so cute! And of course I love the picture of Jaycie and Ethan. Did I mention that we miss you guys and I especially miss you too April. You are my new favorite person too :)