Tuesday, July 14, 2009

We Arrived

After 18 hours in the car we finally made it to Arizona at midnight. Jamin's brother Jared lives in Queen Creek with his amazing wife (and a new favorite person of mine) Marcie and baby boy Ethan. It was so good to see them and see their brand new house that they had just moved into though it looked like they've been there for years. So cute! Here are a few pics of their family and fun stuff we did with them:

Jared & Ethan at a cool outdoor mall that had a kid section with a splash park and a couple fun playgrounds.

It was a blast to watch Ethan and Jaycie interact. They were so interested in eachother...or at least the toys the other one had.

And then... THE GRAND CANYON! I finally got to see it and it was AMAAAAAAAAZING!


Amanda said...

I love the one of Ethan sitting on Jaycie's lap! And Devin looks like he's about to jump in the grand canyon - great picture!

You are one lucky girl... to have your hubby around all summer and to take such an amazing summer trip.

Amy said...

You have a beautiful family!! The pic of Devin on the edge of the grand canyon is making me nervous! Aren't summer vacations the best?!

Jenna said...

I'm so sad I missed you!! We were there just a few weeks ago. BUMMER!

The Johansen Family said...

AAAAGHHHH!!!! What are you doing to my nephew......You are crazy...I am going to have nightmares about that picture.

Jared Austin said...

You guys are the most adorable family ever and I totally miss you!!!

Jared Austin said...

By the way I (marcie) am writing these comments...I just happen to be signed into Jared's blog...anyway love you and miss you!!!