Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Blog Hiatus

I'm sure everyone noticed and lamented my month long absense from the blogging world. But for all of you that were checking faithfully every day while biting your nails with anxiety...I'm back. So here's a mini update of our past month:

Devin has been walking better and better every week. He still can't get back up when he falls so he's still mostly frustrated all the time. Which means I'm mostly frustrated all the time. :) He constantly looks like an apple being used for a game of croquet because you can't find your croquet ball. (Don't you hate that!) Every time one bruise heals on his forehead he gets another. He fell once while chewing on a wooden block and busted his gum and lip open. Needless to say it bled for hours. It was like an episode of CSI where the blood splatters all over everything within a 3 foot radius...which included my arm. It was really gross...poor kid. But when he's not falling down and injuring himself, he's catching colds. He's been sick for a week and a half now and I'm starting to doubt if it will ever end. His cold developed into Bronchiolitis and he had to go get breathing treatments one night because his oxygen got too low. It was rather frightful, but after a few treatments at the doctors and a couple days of inhalers he was fine. At least the breathing. He still coughs, drips, and whines all day long...which is a very dangerous combination. But he's extra snuggly so I can't complain too much.

Other than the infirmities, life is great. Jamin and I are doing well. We are enjoying this beautiful weather and all the fun new things we get to explore with Devin. His favorite new discoveries are flowers and babies. Anytime he sees either he grins so huge and starts talking in a really high pitched voice. It's amazing the things they pick up. He sat next to his little one month old cousin the other day and (after talking in a high pitched voice to him) leaned over and gave him two kisses on the forehead. It was all I could do to hold back the waterworks. Devin has given me maybe 10 kisses in his lifetime but I smother his face daily in kisses. It's just cute to see him understand that it's just common practice to kiss smaller kids on the face. Man I love being a mom! Isn't it the best!

**Pictures are to follow...I left my camera cord at my brother's house!


Heather said...
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Heather said...

Oh my goodness I am sorry for deleting my last comment. I was saying that I loved reading about your little guy again! Flowers and babies are some of my favorite things as well! And I am sorry about the cold gunk etc. I am glad he is breathing ok again. Good luck with everything and we need to talk soon:)

Amy said...

How adorable that he talks to babies in a high voice and kisses them! Sorry about all the falls and colds...soon it will be summer again! Isn't everyone healthier and happier in the summer?! I'm so happy you're back...after your hiatus I almost have no nails left. :p

chris+amber said...

Poor little guy! I love that he thinks he's so much older than babies and talks to them like that! Cracks me up! Glad you're back bloggin'!