Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Widget Wonder

I love widgets! I've spent probably the last hour and a half checking out all the new widgets the world has to offer. The selection is huge. (For those of you not familiar with blogging lingo, a widget is basically some cool little gadget you can add to your blog) I have just discovered a Good Reads widget (thanks to Amy!) that shares my favorite books. I also came across an awesome music widget. You get to decide what you listen to. (Go ahead Amanda...listen to a little John Mayer while you catch up on my blog). But my FAVORITE widget of the night is by far Tetris! Only one of the best games on the planet and now you can play it on my blog! I'm in widget heaven right now. Check out for more awesome widgets...and let me know if you find any must haves.


Nicole said...

So fun! I love the good reads one (I got it from my sister) and it is so fun to see what everyone is reading/likes/dislikes. I am excited to try some new books. As for tetris, I can't wait to get started! how cool!!

Amy said...

Ok, I posted a comment earlier but it wasn't accepted. So here is goes again--
I love widgets...and apparently James does too. I opened our blog a couple months ago and found Sports widgets for every single one of his teams streaming down the side of our blog. I didn't even know he knew how to do that! So I deleted them all except The Mavs...gotta love the Mavs, right?! Anyway, Love your new widgets. They're so fun!

molly said...

oh, i need the good reads widget! I am reading These Is My Words right now for book club. Have you ever read that?