Saturday, November 13, 2010

A Month of Updates

Let's start with Halloween.  It was kind of a let down this year.  But my kids are young and they didn't seem to care.

Optimus Prime and Witch...of course the witch had to bring along her kitty.

Optimus Prime and his best friend Iron Man...didn't you know?

Devin's 4th Birthday.  He's a little obsessed with How To Train Your Dragon...thus the dragon cake.

Apparently we failed as parents to teach Devin how to blow.  After a few weak attempts he gave up and his friend blew out the candles for him.

Mmm...Happy Birthday Devin!


Tina said...

That cake is amazing!!!!
How fun!
And Jacie looked adorable as a witch. The missing front tooth was just perfect!!
Happy late Birthday Devin!
I can't believe our boys are 4!!!

Marcie said...

First, your kids looked SO cute for Halloween!!! I LOVE their costumes. Secondly, I can't believe Devin is 4! And lastly...what a cool cake! We are so excited to see you guys! Love you!

Colleen said...

The cake looks like delicious. Nice costume and photos..

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mj said...

Wow,very happy family.. I like the costume of the kids and the can can..

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