Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Dear Santa...

Devin has been asking to write a letter to Santa for a month now.  I made him wait until Thanksgiving was over and we decided today would be the day.  We hopped on the computer and printed pictures of all the things he wanted (there are two themes, mostly How To Train Your Dragon with a few airplanes thrown in...like he doesn't have enough of both).  It was a blast!  He punched out christmas shapes, glued them on, and wrote his letter.  The end result is quite adorable!

If only he would let me mail it.  He is convinced the mailman would lose it and I have to call Santa, have him come over, and MAKE SURE he reads the letter which is now stuck to our fridge.  Who knew the mailman was not to be trusted?


Tina said...

I just love that letter! What a cutie. There have been a few times the mailman has not come through for us so I kind of agree with Devin. Maybe you could go to the mall and give it to Santa in person. That would be fun!

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