Monday, May 17, 2010

The Black Eye

Devin got his first black eye. He decided to try a game he saw cory playing in which he gets a spoon, holds it high into the air, spins around 20 times while looking at the spoon, throws the spoon on the ground, and then attempts to jump over it. Well, he got to the spinning part and that proved to be too much for him. He spun out of control and fell face first on a metal bar. Footnote: I was not there for it, so I cannot be held responsible. (He couldn't resist the funny faces when I got the camera out)


Tina said...

Oh, that looks like a good one!!
He still is so cute, black eye or not! Poor guy. It seems like he is always getting hurt. I guess that is what it means to be a boy right?!?!

Michaelson Family said...

Oh no! Glad it wasn't worse. He must be feeling better with those faces.
Love the post below. The pictures are adorable!!!

Amanda said...

Love his faces. He is such a cute kid - and you have mad photog skills. :)

Brandon and Anjanelle said...

I love your pictures - your kids are adorable! Do you have a really good camera or something?